We will manage the Budget. Every builder claims that they will manage the budget, but Andron can back up that claim. Each Andron estimator spends at least 2,000 hours a year pricing construction work in the real world of competitive bids. They have the tools, the data and the experience to do it right. Their effort will benefit you at every stage of the budget process. The key to success is Andron’s ability to envision the entire scope of work based on limited information, and then communicate the correct detail and assumptions that will keep the project on budget.

We will manage the Quality. Andron has always measured quality as complete satisfaction of customer requirements. Excellence in our work is our prime objective. Our commitment to quality has been the main reason for our large volume of repeat business in this highly competitive industry. Quality requires solid systems and consistent everyday practices to organize, coordinate, anticipate, supervise and report. Andron uses both computer-driven and manual procedures, as well as on-site scrutiny by veteran construction professionals, to ensure that our customers receive a service of quality and value.

We will manage the Schedule. Our site management team hits the ground running. We use a long-term schedule and phasing plan to develop a “look-ahead” schedule that plots each day’s activities at least three weeks in advance, all in consultation with your staff. We track the submittal and approval of shop drawings, monitor the schedule including lead-time of materials, administer the trade contracts, meet with the project team weekly, and resolve all technical issues. We lay out the work, determine daily activity with each trade contractor, schedule the delivery of materials, coordinate the trades, and monitor the materials and workmanship.

We will keep you Operating. One of our greatest strengths is the ability to manage complex construction projects around operating facilities. Much of our work proceeds in, or adjacent to, occupied spaces. We can build, without interference to ongoing programs and normal daily schedules, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, senior residences and laboratories. If you need your facility to remain in operation during construction, we know how to do it.

We will keep you Safe. Safety is critical to a successful project—and it does not come by accident. It comes only from careful attention to safe practices on the work site. Andron’s attention to safety is evidenced by our EMR (the insurance industry rating for safety) of 0.96. Andron’s people bring their safety experience and safe-workplace mentality to your projects.

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