Today, more than ever, owners seek to simplify the design and construction process. The design-build system of project delivery is one way to accomplish this, as it establishes one source of responsibility for all tasks necessary to produce the desired result.

For the owner who wants to consider design-build, Andron offers the full range of service. We do it the same way as we deliver all of our projects: we form a team with the owner and the design professionals.

We believe that the reasons to engage Andron as the leader of a design-build team are the same reasons that an owner would consider to hire us under any other delivery system: our skills and experience as a builder.

Andron has been a successful general contractor for 40 over years. That means we have assumed financial as well as managerial responsibility for hundreds of projects and have been held accountable for the results. Total accountability and risk of financial loss have honed our skills to build quality projects.


As the design proceeds, Andron is relied upon not only for accurate pricing but also for value engineering suggestions that will keep your program on budget.

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