Not only do you need the right players and the right model, you need them at the right time. That means early in the design phase.

Andron will bring all the needed resources to your team for pricing, planning, scheduling and directing the work. If we're on your team, and you form it early, we have a direct link to the architects and the design intent. With this direct line, we plan and phase the work efficiently. At the same time, the architects will get valuable feedback about cost and constructability to achieve success for the Owner.

As the builder, Andron joins the owner's staff and design professionals in a team effort. We work together with the other team members to achieve the project goals. Together, we form a united front for the owner's interests.

Andron uses the same experienced people and the same proven management systems for both private and public projects. We bring to the table our full range of management skills and our keen sense of teamwork.


A contractor's project team must have the capability to join the design professionals in a cooperative effort to meet the owner's requirements for a quality project.

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