Peekskill City School District
New and Renovated Education Facilities

Peekskill, New York
Peter Gisolfi Associates
August 2010
$60 million

Middle School 140,000 SF new construction, including a gymnasium, auditorium/theater, swimming pool and athletic fields.

High School Renovation of library/media center, nine laboratories and science classrooms, student lockers, roof and athletic fields.

District-wide Upgrades including mechanical, safety, fire alarm and PA systems in six facilities.

The new middle school is the largest project ever undertaken by the District, constructed at an urban site adjacent to the existing middle school which remained in full operation during construction.

Andron Services Construction Management


Andron Construction is a first rate construction firm. They have provided comprehensive services to our clients with highly qualified professionals, especially in the areas of cost estimating and construction coordination.

Peter Gisolfi, Senior Partner Peter Gisolfi Associates

Construction Management
General Construction
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